Proper Cuppa

We helped our friend create a label for his new batch of Earl Grey Cordial.  Designed to go on the side of a Mason Jar, we came up with this square layout incorporating his bow tie and mustache for personality.  He is now selling his Tea and Gin mix at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym.  We invite you to check it out!

  • Our original Grey design was meant to inspire a old time simplicity and aged look.
  • The Kelly Green version was meant solely for a St. Patty’s Day display at various Philly Sculpture Gym festivities.
  • The blue was our response to a need for color and a possibility to expand the flavor variety of this product.

If the product does expand further, we would love to have color changes with the type of mustache and pattern on the bow tie to distinguish between batches.  Products with personality are more fun!