OA Donation Patches

The Order of the Arrow is an organization within the Boy Scouts of America that promotes the higher ranks of service and achievement.  It is an honor society that celebrates the history and traditions of scouting and similar values in Native American culture.  The designs for the OA lodge were done long before Dog Byte Digital, but the concept and manufacture of its patches were orchestrated by our lead designer, Rob Nicolaides.  The set of patches shown below are sold individually as a means to donate to the organization by its members.  The full set shown below sells for $1000 and is likely to become a popular collectable set throughout the lodge in coming years.

The designs were meant to be viewed as a set but were produced individually with color coding and different stewards of folklore.  Silhouettes of native dances are depicted over arrowheads with the name and implied importance of each.  The original idea was to denote an amount of contribution on the patch, but in the name of humble offering and cheerful service, the more prominent figures depicted were aligned with an undetermined value.


The original designs were done in Macromedia Freehand before the merger of Adobe and Macromedia in 2005 and its discontinuation in 2007.