In close collaboration with an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign, we helped design this unique web feature.  Our goal was to create a landing page for the Kenn Kweder Documentary and their fundraising project.  It doesn’t serve as a traditional website, but as a way to have their donors easily share their efforts with friends and like-minded online users of Twitter, Facebook, and Google alike.  To view the site, click on the image or contribute to their efforts, here.


The site is fully adaptable for mobile devices, fast loading, and trimmed down for the most basic viewing experience.  We want users to spend their time clicking to share and navigating to donate.  The site will be rapidly changing over the next month to accomodate campaign updates and better sharing navigation based on ‘click-thru’ results.  To view the most recent version, click on the image above or go to  All the best to the fundraising efforts of the Kenn Kweder Documentary.