Facebook Fan Pages

Our Facebook fan page was the first we’d designed with their new layout in 2013.  We started with a sketch idea of connecting our cover page with the profile picture.  As soon as we’d discovered the correct ratio, this is where the design ended up.  We hope you get a kick out of the idea. Please like our page on Facebook to let us know you were here!


We toyed around with a few ideas for this fan page and added it to our work with Cutie Bear Co’s website.  Going for a rustic rendition of a sewing machine manual, we incorporated their logo and got their image across successfully.  This was a fun side project that worked for us to drive traffic to all facets of their new online presence as well as our own.  You can view her page, here as well.

Cutie-Bear-FB Not Good


To add a personal touch to the individual Facebook page, we re-vamped the cover page of our very own John Hutelmyer to promote a documentary project and website.  It was a simple way to let everyone know about the project without constantly bothering them to stop by.  Hope you like it.
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.47.18 AM