CWP Stationery

These products were made for a college internship painting company and their grassroots marketing strategies.  The thank you cards were designed from scratch from wood grain to paneling.  They were made specifically for print, so the 2up version is shown below.  Fitted with margins and set to crease, the final product was a quarter page, half fold card that fit a standard set of envelopes.  Only a single cut was required in production and the color printing is single sided to conserve on cost.


Made to simplify binders full of material, these brochures were also an excellent marketing tool with a personalized name and phone number across the front.  The content was pulled from sales binders, marketing materials, and the company website to create a fast and visually smooth piece of information.

The outside has a highlight of pertinent features and bold keywords.  The colors and font are consistent and the message is conveyed in various levels of scaled size.  At first glance you will pull the most amount of information from this brochure before tossing it away.  The boring stuff is on the inside.


If anyone reads through this brochure, it’s meant to be a pleasant experience.  Pages of material were condensed to these easier, well defined segments that were split up into numbered steps.  If you want to skip to the end, you can read the colored headers and move on with your day.


These products were widely successful because of their ease of print, low cost of production, and effective distribution by a number of interns.  They were used in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey throughout the 2009, 2010 and 2011 College Works Painting seasons.