At the open of 2013, we started working with Cutie Bear Company and were given the opportunity to help rebrand their image from the ground up.  Their logo, website, business cards, and facebook page needed design and content.  When she started as a single creative mind becoming a thriving textile business, her products had always done the talking for her.  Now she needed her company to speak for itself.

The website we recently completed, is based in WordPress and was engineered to be functional in a few key ways.  The first goal was to avoid designing two sites, one for mobile compatibility, and one for desktop browsers, and so we chose a responsive site design.  This saves money and it is fun to work with.


The second goal was the most important for the client in our eyes.  We needed to create a home base for a certain type of customers that appreciates unique home goods and fun ideas.  The page was meant to be visually catchy, easy to navigate, and a full showcase for the types of products that Cutie Bear Co. makes.  


The site was a hit and the continuing possibilities of customization allow her to change with the business at hand.  We are proud to present the final product here: