Cutie Bear Co. Product Photography

Here are two examples of product photography we’ve completed for  The items were produced for sale on their website, but didn’t match the aesthetics of the site design.  For these and more, you can visit the site here.


1.  The first product we worked on, was a table runner that needed cropping and file sizing for fast loading and easy viewing.  Due to the shape of the product, we were also concerned with how to orient its display.

Shot over a cluttered desk, our client hastily displayed her final products for sale.  The cute little details of the photographs are a nice touch, but weren’t effective for sales.  There weren’t enough detailed features, the lighting is harsh, and the clutter distracts from the focus on the product.

fb045 fb037


2.  Full sized quilts were always a problem to photograph for a couple of reasons.  The first problem is always perspective unless you have a crane or ladder for an overhead point of view.  The second problem usually seems to interfere with the solutions to problem number one: lighting.  Here was our solution to this conundrum with this full sized Mini Mouse Quilt.  We split the difference, then did the heavy lifting in Adobe Photoshop.  With the correct setup, nothing is overly exaggerated and the product turns out looking excellent.

The original was shot on a patterned floor and at a long perspective.  Although it appears completely flat, the pattern has a few major wrinkles in it.  This was made clear when the shot was straightened in editing.  We can only imagine how difficult it must be to quilt at this size with any consistency.