Cutie Bear Mini Cards

After the website and product photography, our final project with Cutie Bear Co. was to create a business card to help drive her customers to the right place.  For quick meet and greets, networking, and for everyone who isn’t connected via Facebook, the cards needed to showcase her talent and accessibility.

We decided on a simple card, easy to read, and fun to look at.  We had many tools to create a unique and creative card, but in order to produce something as vibrant and durable as we intended to convey her products, we turned to our friends at for a solution.

They allowed us to choose a Mini Card template because tiny business cards are adorable.  The backside images were customizable across the whole order, so we took 8 close-up shots from her products and translated them to the final product.

The image above shows the texture and watercolor effect of the designs from the cards to the website.  The layout view was a good way to reach her Instagram audience and the cards already worked great for finding a new customer at the grocery store!